Car Maintenance Moose Jaw Is Worth It

Car Maintenance Routine is Worth It

The privilege of owning a vehicle, shouldn’t be taken lightly. The luxury of owning an automobile, especially an automobile that you adore, is a terrific thing. So, you want that car, truck or SUV to last and stay in excellent shape, for a long while, correct? The first thing you’re going to want to do is set up a maintenance routine. A regular maintenance inspection is a must for extending the life of any vehicle. The staff at Andy’s Transmission and Service in Moose Jaw can assist you with your maintenance routine.

A Few Maintenance Tips

  1. Change engine oil every 5000km
  2. Tire rotation and balance
  3. Perform a wheel alignment
  4. Refill windshield washer fluid
  5. Replace windshield wipers
  6. Replace cabin air filter
  7. Replace vehicle air filter
  8. Watch the dashboard for warning lights
  9. Check your tire pressure regularly

Setup a Maintenance Schedule

Developing a routine maintenance check with Andy’s when it comes to taking care of your car, SUV or truck maintenance can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. If you do not have a regular oil change, at least every 5,000 km, the oil may lose its viscosity and no longer provide proper lubrication and, over time, can cause serious damage to your engine.

Ignoring Myths

Ignoring the myths is also an excellent start to good car health. SUV maintenance or truck maintenance is just as valuable and needed as car maintenance. Assuming that a truck can handle more wear and tear and lack of maintenance is untrue. SUV maintenance and car maintenance, is needed in a huge way especially if they are carrying heavier loads. And if the truck is being used for commercial purposes and/or in severe weather you may want to be attentive to its upkeep.

Certified Service Experts

Certified service experts are trained in all aspects of vehicle care, and they have the license to prove it. Andy’s Transmission and Automotive in Moose Jaw prides itself on providing consistent topnotch service.

Vehicle maintenance is not only about saving money, but it’s about your safety. Tires that are worn can cause blowouts which may result in a vehicle accident.  Empty windshield fluid or ineffective windshield wipers when you need them, can cause visibility issues which is also a major safety factor. Be safe, look after your vehicle.

Yes, it is a chore to begin a maintenance routine; however, once you have a convenient routine with Andy’s Transmission and Service in Moose Jaw you will be well looked after.


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