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Brake Inspection, Repair & Replacement

Your automotive brakes are one of the most important mechanisms in the whole vehicle. While on the road brakes play a vital role in your safety and that of your family.

Check the service schedule outlined in your vehicle manual to see when you should have your brakes checked.  We recommend that you have your brakes inspected once per year.  Brakes aren’t something to put off.

Squealing, vibration when you apply the brakes is an indicator that something is not working properly.  If you push your brake pedal and your brakes feel “spongy” or “soft” that’s an indicator that your brakes require immediate attention.  Such symptoms often lead to more expensive repairs when left untreated.  Changing your brake pads, when needed, saves wear on your rotors. Brake pads are much cheaper to replace than your rotors.

Give Andy’s a call (306) 692 4255 to book an appointment to have your brakes checked.

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