May Special Vehicle Steering Suspension Repair Moose Jaw

May Special – 10% OFF Steering and Suspension Repairs and Parts

Andy’s Transmission and Automotive is offering 10% off the final bill of any steering and suspension repairs for the month of May!


Moose Jaw roads are brutal this time of year.  Moose Jaw road undergo the freeze/thaw cycle which weakens and breaks up pavement.  Vehicles passing over the broken asphalt further enlarge the pothole.  Vehicles further pound the asphalt destroying the road surface and expands the pothole.


Driving over a pothole causes damage to your vehicle.  It is possible to damage your tires by puncturing your sidewall. The tire rim can also experience damage by becoming bent, cracking or fracturing.  Tires can also go out-of-balance along with requiring a wheel alignment.  The impact of the tire in the pothole shocks your entire steering and suspension system.  There are many aspects of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system which can be damaged involving shocks, struts, ball joints, strut mounts, ball joints and tie-rod ends.Moose Jaw Car Vehicle Suspension and Steering Repairs


Signs of immediate concern include a vibration felt in the steering wheel or through the vehicle body, pulling to the left or right, or any unusual rattling or clunking noises.

If you observe any of these symptoms, particularly after hitting a pothole, road heave, or suffering an inadvertent impact (ex: hitting the curb), you should have your vehicle inspected by Andy’s Transmission and Automotive.